Genital Warts Facts

A very contagious virus known as the Human Papillomavirus, more conveniently known as HPV, is the cause of warts in the body. These warts appear on the face, neck, inside the mouth, knuckles, hands, foot soles and the genital areas. There are a lot of kinds of HPV and a lot of kinds of warts […]

Cancer Defined

With the number of people dying from cancer, it is no wonder why there are several who think that when they contract the disease it is hopeless for them. As such, there are a lot of people who want to know what causes diseases such as lung cancer New York or pancreas cancer New York. […]

Hospital In Vadodara

The late Professor Emeritus Dr. Mukund Sudhalkar founded the hospital in the year 1950. The hospital has strived, since its inception, a href=””24 Hours Ambulance Services In Vadodara 24 Hours Eye Banks In Vadodara 24 Hours Hospitals Service In Vadodara 24 Hours Nursing Homes In Vadodara Alternative Therapy And Medicine In Vadodara Audiologists Doctors In […]