Yoga Classes

In general, Restorative Yoga
works as “Active Relaxation.”   It is for those times when you are fatigued
or stressed out from daily life.   It is especially beneficial for those
recovering from an illness or injury.   It works by supporting the body with
various props so that the muscles and bones are relieved of their roles of
support and action.


When this happens, your
nervous system sends and receives fewer messages, and thus you become
quieter.   The breath is also used to help cultivate an awareness of our body
so that we can begin to identify where we hold our stress and how we can
release it.   The body and its organs are alternately stimulated and soothed
through the sequencing of various poses.   For example, by closing the
abdomen with a forward bend and then opening it with a backbend, the
abdominal organs are squeezed, forcing the blood out, and then opened, so
that fresh blood returns along with the enhanced exchange of oxygen.   Some
poses have an overall benefit, while others target an individual body part
such as the heart or lungs.   The spine is gently moved in all directions and
the body is provided a completely supportive environment for total


Restorative Yoga helps the
body move toward a more balanced and whole state of being.

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