The Great Western Healthcare Pvt Ltd.


  1. Faisal Chunawala
    Faisal Chunawala has a vast experience of handling corporate projects of high turnovers. He is the director of several companies and has a knack of completing big projects before time. His acumen of handling finances is a key guide to The Great Western Healthcare pvt ltd.
  2. Anil Khandekar
    Anil Khandekar is the ex-technical director of Wyeth and Pfizer India. He has experience of more than 35 years in the field of setting up pharmaceutical plants, commissioning a plant, and the entire manufacturing process of pharmaceutical plants. He has enormous experience of international pharmaceutical market.
  3. Rehan Chhapra
    Rehan Chhapra is a practicing advocate with 10 years of experience in the field of corporate law. He also practices in Mumbai High court. His legal advice is of great help to great western healthcare pvt ltd.
  4. Sahil Hava
    Sahil Hava is a corporate accountant by profession and is the backbone of the company in terms of corporate governance. His skills of time-management, staff training and public relations are noteworthy.

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