For the first time in forever…

I’m happy. I got a job, my dream job. I officially work in Hollywood. You can call me a publicist now!!

I’ve been working for one of the best PR firms in the country for about three weeks now. I was petrified my first two days, but I quickly realized that I was capable of doing this. I got the job from just taking a big leap of faith. I sent my resume/cover letter in for a receptionist position, but still applied for it like it was a regular PR job. And, that worked! A week later I got a call from the HR Director telling me that a temporary assistant PR position had opened up. I told her I was interested and I interviewed the next day. The following Thursday was my first day, and of course I’ve been kicking ass ever since! I’m so thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me over the years. Especially in recent months whenever I was feeling down about my decision to move. It’s such an overwhelming feeling of validation that I do belong here. I’ve wanted to do this since I was sixteen, and now I finally am.

As far as everything else going on in my life I’m starting to make friends, which is nice considering when I moved here in July I had zero. One of my bosses, who moved across the country too, told me that it took him about two years to make friends. But, I think I’ve been handling it better than most, since I am an only child. I’m just used to being alone more. Not to mention that I lived by myself during my senior year of college. I would definitely say my best friend in L.A. right now is Netflix. He or she (I haven’t decided its gender yet) just really gets me. How did it know that I wanted to watch “Mulan” and “Mean Girls?!” You go Glen Coco!

I’m still taking classes at UCLA! It gives me something to do, as well as providing a way of meeting new people. I really just love learning about public relations. I feel like kind of got gypped in college in terms of my education. They only offered three public relations classes, one of which was basically just the history of it (pointless). The other was public relations writing, which was informative. The last one was crisis PR and it got cancelled during my last semester! All I can say is thank goodness for my internships, especially the second one! I learned so much from them, and of course I’ve been learning at my new job too! As of right now, I’m glad that I was “brave” and moved out here!


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