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Specialized Carpet Cleaning Service

If you live in the Omaha area and your home is carpeted and you think it is time to have your carpets cleaned, don’t hesitate to call the carpet specialists at 402-206-5158 to schedule your professional carpet cleaned today. Our prices for carpet cleaning are astonishingly inexpensive and the quality of service that you receive from our carpet cleaning professionals is nothing less of amazing. Our great carpet cleaning technicians make sure you get the carpet cleaning services and the best carpet care the Omaha, Ne area has to offer at an unbeatable price. We have also constructed our own carpet cleaning method and process that is unique and different from any of the process performed by any other company our area also.

To explain in detail, a proper carpet cleaning process should include a thorough vacuuming of all carpet areas to remove all dust, dirt, and debris. The carpet should be spray with dirt degenerating acidic enzyme mixture diluted with water. The dirtier the carpet, the stronger the solutions should be to compensate. After all of the carpets have been pre-sprayed, the cleaning technicians should begin to brush the diluted mixture in order to penetrate the fibers. This process should also help the shampoo get to the bottom of the fibers to break down the dirt at the bottom as well.

Powerful and Efficient Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The carpet brush is great at doing this on residential carpets because of the long nylon bristles but is it the best tool for the job? Well yes it is if you know of no other solutions or that unparticular carpet cleaning company is not willing to experiment with any other options that they could make available to themselves. Our staff knew that in order to beat our competition, we had to create more options for our customers that will give them a better quality of service and the best carpet cleaning results along with affordable pricing. To better increase our cleaning results, instead of using traditional carpet brush, we like to use floor brushes or deck scrubbing brushes.

To actually brush the carpet, a cleaning pre-spray will be applied. In comparison, our carpet cleaning jobs are delivered using with both brushes and have drawn the conclusion that for the best carpet cleaning results, it is better to use a deck scrubbing brush with more bristle with a finer density. These are more effective at helping the pre-spray get deeper into the carpet and helping then helping the spray to do what it does better. Breaking down dirt enzymes to be removed from the carpet, a hot water extraction method, famously known as steam cleaning, will be used. After the steam cleaning is done, we’ll us the “carpet brush” to remove the track marks made by the extractor and bring all of the bristles standing tall so the fibers get dry faster. So this is just one of the elements that make our services different from all the rest of the carpet cleaning companies. Omaha, NE could use another quality options for carpet cleaning solution and that carpet cleaning solution is Omaha Carpet Cleaning.

Inexpensive and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Work

Our staff specializes in removing odors, stains, pet dander and any foreign element corrupting the cleanliness of the carpets in your home. We have the most reasonable prices on residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. So what are you waiting for? If your home or business needs any carpet care, carpet treatments or just a quality and affordable carpet cleaning, contact us and set up a carpet cleaning appointment today.

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