General information


General Information

CorsoMania is a compilation of
my interest in this magnificent breed. I won’t be repetitive and mimic other
Cane Corso Sites; I’ll link you to my

I’m fairly new to this
breed.  Previously I have owned Rotts, schnauzers, and had been raised
with poodles.  What a change this breed has been.  I hope that
those that visit will learn and enjoy.  

Cane Corso is a great guard dog, extremely loyal to its owner and quite aloof
with strangers. Cane Corsos are quiet a dominant and strong minded in nature.
Cane Corsos love the attention from his family, and loves children. There
is nothing better than the love of their family for the Corso! His place
is near his family where he can generally be found underfoot.
The Cane Corso doesn’t respond well to being secluded in the yard. Isolating
a Cane Corso can lead to destructiveness, and other undesirable

Socialization is a must. The best place to begin is “puppy class”. Socialization
and obedience is MUST! This can’t be stressed enough. Training with you Corso
is the best way for you and your Cane Corso to “bond”.
Corsos are excellent housedogs, but require daily exercise.
The Cane Corso excels in many activities; confirmation, protection, weight
pulling, you name it. The Cane Corso wants to please his owner. He will do
most anything that pleases you.
The history of the Cane Corso dates back centuries with Italian farmers.
During Medieval Times, the Corso had been used as a big game hunter.
The breed, to my understanding, first came to the United States around 1987.



Large sized
dog.  The Corso is a strong, built dog having a broad chest and
muscular.   The Corso has a docked tail typically longer than that
seen on other working dogs more popularly known in the U.S.

lbs. this varies I’ve seen between 110lbs. to 140lbs.

Short and smooth. Not typically a thick or very dense coat.

: Black, chestnut, fawn, blue (a beautiful
gray) or any of these colors
in brindle. Some have white markings on the neck or chin.

The Cane Corso is average when discussing health problems.

If you would like more details on the description and characteristics, visit
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