Toowoomba carnival of flowers

Joanna Jordan
Special Events
was appointed by the Toowoomba City Council to provide
Creative Direction services to the Grand Central Floral Parade and
the Ergon Energy Flower, Food and Wine Festival – the two signature
events of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

Joanna Jordan
Special Events
established a ‘creative team’ to work on the project
with expertise in floral design and sculpture, construction and community

Grand Central
Floral Parade
– the creative team liaised with all parade participants
to increase the overall quality and creativity of parade entries. In addition,
the team delivered a ‘feature float’ utilising mainly recycled materials and
fresh floral content. Dubbed Vengeance of the Victors, the float featured
the a chariot of motor mowers heading towards an unsuspecting sun flower.
A specially produced soundtrack accompanied the float featuring Ride of
the Valkyries
accompanied by motor mowers! The concept of the float was
to demonstrate the quality of what could be achieved utilising recycled materials,
fresh floral content and a little creativity to encourage other entrants to
adopt this style of approach in the future.

Ergon Energy
Flower, Food and Wine Festival
– the creative team were responsible
for the delivery of the feature floral displays at the festival. This included
an entrance statement of Gymea lilies, bamboo and brightly coloured boxes
and panels; sailing boat with the sail made of gerberas; seed mannequins dressed
in fresh fruit and vegetables; baby grand piano constructed from gerberas;
a giant ‘grass’ dog and his dog house and ‘grass’ wine bottles – see
images below.

In addition, the
creative team worked with the eight shires surrounding Toowoomba to creatively
workshop their displays – producing some spectacular results.

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