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Fat No More!

I was so sick of being fat. I finally decided to do something about it! I used the Soma-Slim Advanced Weight Loss
Formula and I was able to lose 81 pounds in 5 months! Sure it took some time and effort but at least I didn’t feel
hungry like I
did the last time I lost weight. The best part is all the great tasting low carb treats I manage to eat and I keep the
weight off. For anyone who still isn’t sure about buying Soma-Slim I say, take the plunge. I did and things coudn’t
have worked out better. Thanks Soma-Slim from the new and slimmer Albert!

Albert Roth
San Francisco, California

Alicia’s Comeback

“I have been on a ‘diet’ my whole life. It seemed no matter what I did
the weight never came off. I had low energy levels, and was losing faith
that I could lose weight at all! Then I found Soma-Slim. Soma-Slim provided
me with all of the tools I needed to slim down once and for all.
I have lost 45 pounds on the Soma-Slim Plan. I have went from
“Flab to Fab” I am now proud to slip into a size 8 dress!
Thanks Soma-Slim!”

Alicia C.
Toledo, Ohio

Marvelous Energy

“Energy! Energy! Energy! ..all of it without ephedra. I take
Soma-Slim (as directed) before breakfast, and again before lunch.
It helps to curb my appetite, and burn calories all day long.
Since starting with Soma-Slim I have lost a total of 10 inches!
I can fit back into the dress I graduated in! Thanks for such
an awesome product, I have told all of my friends about it”

Marvel B.
Colorado Springs

Traveling Woes Cured

“I am required to travel for my job, and too many meals on the
run made me gain an amazing 20 pounds. My clothes didn’t fit
right anymore and plane rides started feeling “uncomfortable”
I decided it was time to put the brakes on and get my weight
back under control. I have been using Soma-Slim for a little over
a month, and the results have been excellent! I have lost 9
pounds, and plane rides are feeling better already. Thanks for
such a great product that works so well :)”

Kenneth P.
Orlando, Fla.

Computer Pro Drops 30!

“I love my computer job. I make good money and have fun, but it means I sit around
all day watching my stats program. I don’t do much physical work so I gained a good 30
pounds in the last year. Finally, I had enough! I ordered Soma-Slim Advanced Weight Loss
Formula, and I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds and keep it off! I had most of the weight
gone in 90 days and I’ve had no problem keeping it off! I just wanted to say, keep up the
great work!”

Dirk Z.
Mannheim, Germany

Pregnancy Weight Lost!

Thx Soma-Slim! 6 months ago I was depressed and thought I
had no way to lose these extra pounds I gained while I was
pregnant with twins! My babies are now almost a year old,
(talk about a busy mom) and I have lost all the weight I
gained from my pregnancy! Thx again for such an amazing

Karrie H.
Fremont, Ca

Pregnancy Weight Lost!

Thanks Soma-Slim!

The Bahamas Weight Loss Challenge was just the thing we needed to get our bodies
moving again. The chance to win a well needed vacation? In the Bahamas?
For 2? My wife and I just bought 90 day supplyof Soma-Slim, and we are ready
to finally lose the weight we have picked up in the last couple of years.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of our progress in the meantime.

We’re ready to start 2005 off with the Breezes of the Bahamas blowing
through the window..It has always been our dream vacation.

John S. Williams
Detroit, MI

Skeptic Convinced

I was skeptical at first, but figured I’d give Soma-Slim a try.
If nothing else, I figured I’d have a chance to win a vacation
out of the deal, so what the heck? Much to my surprise,within the first week,
I felt more energetic, more alive
and most importantly I had lost 5 pesky pounds! I can get back into
my size 10 pants!..and elastic waist pants are a thing of the past!
Keep up the great work!

Monica G
Las Vegas,NV

Starting Fresh!

I’m not sure where to start. The last 5 years I have gained a lot
of fat. I guess I never really realized how much it actually was
until I had to start buying plus size clothing. I didn’t like the
way that I looked and felt, and I liked the plus size clothes even
less. I started the Soma-Slim Plan and I have already lost about
22 pounds. My life has already changed! I eat healthier, exercise
more and have a new boyfriend..(fiancee??)

Rebee Quinten
Boston, MA

Star Football Player Makes a Comeback!

My 20 year class reunion is just around the corner, and I want to
look my very best. I was talking with an old friend about this
and he told me about Soma-Slim and how he lost nearly 90
pounds! I was stunned. I never imagined he would EVER gain 90
extra pounds, he was a star football player and voted “Most Athletic”
at graduation. If he could lose it all, so could I! I just placed
my first order, and am looking forward to reporting the same type
of results..

Joshua J.
Kissimee, Florida

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