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Today’s post is from guest blogger Ali Schultz of Boulder, Colorado.  Ali’s site Love Life Artwork is a colorful array of radical creativity, brilliant paintings and collages, and general awesome-ness that I love to stalk through.  She shares with us here her tips to turn your shower into a spa – what better way to celebrate self-love than taking time to feel good?!

As Ali says on her site, “My wish is for you to live deeply from your creative center, to shine like the diamond that you are, and to be connected to the joy of being alive.”

Yup.  That’s why I love her, too.

enjoy! xo -elle

I’ve been lucky to have enjoyed some wonderful spa-spaces in my lifetime-to-date, including most wonderful 10,000 Waves Spa in Santa Fe. Every moment of spa-time feels so lush that I never want it to end and yet always end up anxious during the treatment knowing that it will end sooner than I want it to.  I am such a hedonist.

While I integrate radical self care into my daily existence, I’ve found myself craving a little vacation, something to help push the “re-set” button on tired routines and the worn terrain and dulled vibes of daily life. Knowing what I know about the flow of green energy I have at the moment, I might have to make it a staycation. The best part is: I live in Boulder.

I (heart) Boulder and all that is contained within its many miles surrounded by open space. Between the cafe culture, the fact that you can hike a different trail everyday, the endless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, drop in to some world-class yoga or climb some world-reknown routes as long as weather and time permit on any given day, why would I choose to travel anywhere else?

Back when I was looking for condos, I had a meet-cute with the one that would become mine. I fell instantly in white-hot-love with the bathroom of all places specific to the 600 square feet to choose from. It felt like a spa, and I knew that would be a good thing since I would be joining the ranks of the condo-poor and my spa experiences would be limited to monthly rolfing sessions with the occasional acupuncture appointment thrown in when more energetic clarity was called for.  No fun body scrubs and oily adventures there – except for those applied and administered by me, for me.

What I’ve experienced is that a few simple practices can bring the spa experience into the everyday. To turn your shower into a spa for your face, feet and luscious energy body, all you need are the acoutrements of spa scent, textures and soothers. These are my favorites as of late:

1. essential oils – lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, sweet birch, peppermint
2. coconut oil
3. sea salt
4. a pumice stone
5. a loofah-type scrubby, some shower mitts, or a great shower brush
6. Pangea’s Matcha Tea with Acai & Gogi Berry Face Mask

Once a week, I’ll use the Matcha Tea with Acai & Gogi Berry Face Mask. Sometimes I’ll schmear it on in the morning and go through an hour of yoga flow. Sometimes, I’ll paint it on in the evening after a full and intense day. I like to leave the muddy green concoction on for a while, until I forget about it. And once it’s rinsed off – I feel like a luminous new woman with a fearless glowing face.

Daily, I like to do a pre-shower dry brushing to invigorate my skin and other proprioceptors dulled by too much head-focused, body-numbing glowing screen work before I hop into a steamy shower scented with some essential oils. Once drenched, I’ll pour some sea salt in my paws and rub that saline goodness along the spots that get a little rough – back of arms, feet, etc. – and then lather with my scrubby shower mitts (with the pangea shower gel flavor of the month). The pumice comes into play once after my feet have soaked in the hot watery-ness, and are soft and willing to shed some old layers.

Once out and dry, a light layer of coconut oil to feet, arms, body, face – really does a hot body good. If my feet are a little sore, I’ll put some peppermint oil on the bottom or along the heel. And for any red spots (or sunburn) I’ll dab the lavender oil.

I like to put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the shower when I’m done to clear the air with that stimulating scent. Sometimes I’ll use a lemongrass, lavender, jasmine or sweet birch – and I love how it makes the whole condo smell yummy.

Between the smelly-smells and the textures on the flesh, it doesn’t take much to turn the routine shower into an invigorating experience to rival the best spa in town.

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