5 startling mistakes even smart entrepreneurs make when planning virtual events (tele-series) and how to avoid them!

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“5 Startling Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make When Planning a Tele-Series/Summit and How to Avoid Them!”

Get a flood of targeted new subscribers, establish instant credibility
and make a ton of money with your own 100% original virtual event!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this content-rich call
on Wednesday July 8th at 4:00 pm MTN:

  • Two easy yet often forgotten strategies that practically guarantee high quality joint venture partners JUMP at the chance to play with you!
  • Three critical “you’ve-got-to-get-over-it” limiting beliefs that prevent even the most intelligent and outgoing entrepreneurs from hitting a home run with their events.
  • An essential question to ask yourself that determines the driving force of your event plans. (Without the answer to this question, it’s difficult to pull it all together!)
  • A simple yet profound 3-prong approach to planning your event that is a winning combination every time!
  • The hands down number one thing you must do to make your event worth everyone’s time and effort.
  • A sneak peek and invitation to be part of my brand new Virtual Events Made Easy program. Guaranteed to give your marketing and mindset a motivating kick-in-the-derriere!

Not only will “I” be giving away tons of my own virtual event secrets, I’ve convinced several of my colleagues who recently hosted virtual events to join the party too!

Even though I’ve got the most amazing content planned for you, I have to say I think THIS is going to be the best part of the call!

You’ll get to hear about their events, what worked best and what they’d do differently if they could go back in time (eek!).

This truly is a must-attend event. And if you can’t join us live – register anyway and I’ll make sure you get the replay.

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