Everything You Should Know About Hemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid is a clump or mass of tissue in the anal area that contains blood vessels and the supporting tissue made up of muscles and elastic fibers. Everyone gets hemorrhoids at one point in their life. So there is no reason to be ashamed of them or think that they are abnormal. Even though at some point in life they do happen to everyone, only about 4% of the general population has problems with them becoming large and creating problems.

It was never found why hemorrhoids become enlarged, althought there a few ideas as to way they do. Sitting on the toilet, poor intake of fiber, and straining too much for a bowel movement are all said to be causes of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is a known cause of them as well, but why they happen during pregnancy is still unknown. Having tumors in the pelvic area can cause hemorrhoids because of the tumor pressing on veins.

There are a few different degrees of hemorrhoids. A first degree hemorrhoid can but does not fall out of its proper place in the body. A second degree hemorrhoid can prolapse or fall out of the normal placing and retracts into position on its own. A third degree hemorrhoid is prolapsed and has to be put back in place using your fingers. A fourth degree hemorrhoid is prolapsed and can not be pushed back in, in some cases they may also have blood clots inside of them. External hemorrhoids feel like bulges in the anus and cause few symptoms that are similar to internal hemorrhoids.

Most people who get an external hemorrhoid can diagnose it themselves if they know what a hemorrhoid is. Symptoms include anal discomfort; itching and a lump, some people may see a few drops of blood on toilet paper. However, it is not recommended to ignore any symptoms it can be more serious than a hemorrhoid. It could be fistulae, fissures, perianal skin diseases, or an infection or tumors.

To diagnose an internal hemorrhoid can be easy, it may require going to the doctor to get an examination. It is usually done with an anoscope which is about 3 inches long. It is a metal hollow tube that has a viewing devise on the end. The doctor may ask you to strain so that the hemorrhoid is more visible.

Whether or not hemorrhoids have been found; if anal bleeding is present, the colon needed to be examined. This can help to exclude important causes of bleeding like colon cancer, polyps, and colitis. A colonoscopy may be required or other procedures to examine and diagnose you properly.

A way you can make sure that hemorrhoids don’t come back or prevent them in general is to make some lifestyle changes. How much exercise you get, how much you drink and what you are drinking, and what kind of food can all affect you digestive system and your bowels. Any healthier changes you make that will not only help your hemorrhoid problem, but it will help your over all health as well.

Another thing that can be done to aid in relief from hemorrhoids is use an herbal supplement on a daily basis as a preventative. Alterative Health Supplements offers a product called Seratol. It works quickly to restore proper vein function and heal swollen sore veins. It contains no chemical compounds, fillers, or additives so it is perfectly safe to use. It is taken orally and works from the bloodstream to strengthen blood vessels and veins.

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