Reasons To Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoking is prevalent in most of the countries of the world. According to a survey made in 1945,on an average 20 cigarettes a day were smoked by every adult in U.K. Since that time there has been so much information about the link between coronary disease ,lung cancer and tobacco that it resulted in definite drop in smoking in U.S.A.Half of the adults in U.K smoke and every year there are 50,000 deaths in U.K which can be contributed to smoking.

Smoking Leads to Coronary Disease

Tobacco smoke contains nicotine ,tar and carbon-monoxide. It has been proved that nicotine raises the level of fatty-acids Smoking1 Facts About Smoking and Harmful Health Effects Of Smoking in the blood system and this may lead to blood clotting and eventually to coronary diseases.


In addition to carbon particles as mentioned above , there are also harmful contents like aldehydes and cyanides that increase the chances OF developing lung cancer .Scientifically , it has been proved that smoking has direct links to lung cancer . The chances that a heavy smoker will develop lung cancer is 25 times more than the person who does not not smoke .


Though smoking does lowers the weight as it causes people to eat less but it is extremely harmful that an over-weight non-smoker should start smoking if he or she wants to lower his or her weight .


1.Gastric and duodenal ulcers are much commoner among smokers as compared with non-smokers.

2.Smoking increase the amount of carbon-monoxide in blood stream of pregnant-mothers which deprives oxygen to fetus . This may lead to still birth or miscarriage.

3. Smokers also suffer from chronic bronchitis and smoker’s cough .

4.The effect of smoking can be more dangerous if smoking is done in high pollution area.


By meagre inhaling smoke regularly by sitting close to a smoker can also do harm to person. In public places smoking should be banned ..

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