Does Acid Reflux Has A Perfect Cure?

Acid reflux is a condition that plagues many and is known to be a lifestyle condition caused due to irresponsible consumption of food. It is a condition in which the stomach juices move in the opposite direction from the stomach into the esophagus.

Since the esophagus lining is not used to acidic juices, inflammation in the esophagus is something that is bound to occur. The typical acid reflux cure includes consumption of antacids that neutralize the effect of acids.

Heart burn is just a symptom, so we should concentrate on finding a cure for the problem that causes acid reflux. Curing heart burn do not cure the basic problem that causes acid reflux. If not treated for a long time, it can cause esophageal cancer.

A study was conducted among 255 patients in Sweden by Dr. Lars Lundell in Karolinska university. This study is done to know whether surgery or medication, which one is better for acid reflux. Among the 255 patients 122 of them had done surgery and remaining 133 is on medication.

Despite the fact that the researchers are in touch with a large proportion of these initial patients, they have been unable to establish whether surgery is the perfect cure or whether medication is the best option. About 53% of those who underwent surgery had a lower intensity of acid reflux.

Among the patients who took medication for acid reflux they reported that the intensity has come down. But about 45% of the patients needed to change their amount of intake of drug throughout the study period of 12 years.

Despite the fact that surgery was considered to be more effective, there were post operative issues that needed to be addressed and tackled. In reality, the situation does bring to the front that conventional medication and surgery do not really seem to have the right answer to the recurring acid reflux problem.

The perfect cure for this condition lies in lifestyle modification, diet adjustments and herbal remedies that can cure the problem by addressing the root cause of the issue.

The basic modifications that you should do in lifestyle is as follows. They are having a light meal at night, reducing nicotine, regular exercise and you should make sure that the last meal of the day should be taken some hours before sleep. You should also maintain a chart, with name of the foods that causes acid reflux.

Moreover, there are many natural herbs and supplements that can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.


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