Gynaecologist In India Informs About Compulsory Surgery

When a women experiences gynaecological disorders, it can be really discomforting and difficult phase to pass through. The apprehension becomes even more prevalent when the doctor recommends for surgery to eliminate the specific problem. At times they do face the dilemma of whether or not to opt for the surgery. The problem can be within the reproductive system and sometimes the only alternative left out is a possible operation. It is particularly in cases associated with infertility where the woman has some hope of child barring and become pregnant. However, the most important factor of course is the health condition of the patient or whether surgery would be fruitful in her case.

Surgery Compulsory In These Cases

According to a renowned Gynaecologist in India, there are some specific diseases or disorders where surgery becomes mandatory such as in the treatment of cancer. A woman can get affected to different types of this deadly disease such as cervical cancer, fallopian tube cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer or even breast cancer. The early detection of this disease is very necessary for preventing it to spread in other parts of the body. Moreover, the doctor can begin the treatment as soon as he detects this life threatening disease. In the first case, the doctor has to determine the exact location of the tumour and then its size. He needs to also determine the stage of the cancer and find out whether it has spread to other parts of the body or not. However, the gynaecologist in Kolkata may refer the patient to an oncologist for better treatment.

Hysterectomy and Ablation

A hysterectomy is one of the gynaecological diseases is defined as surgical procedure in which the surgeon will remove the female uterus. The aftermath of this specific operation is that the women will no longer be able to conceive a child. However, this surgery is done in a few specific conditions when the issue becomes complicated. The uterus is usually removed when the benign grows larger causing excessive abnormal bleeding and pain. The patient can also experience irregular, heavy and very painful menstrual periods. The chances of developing a cancer increases during the occurrence of hysterectomy. However, surgery is obviously the last option as the famous gynaecologist will look for some other treatment procedures to treat the disorder. The cervix is also removed during the surgery.

Pregnancy Related Issues

The woman has to take utmost care of her health during the pregnancy period. During the nine months of her gestation, she should remain in touch with the obstetrician and consult him on regular basis. The delivery of the baby can be through a normal procedure or through a surgery which is known as caesarean section. With the procedure becoming advance more women are opting for surgery as it is painless and easy. They do not want to bear the difficult labour pain. For some complicated cases, the surgeon can also perform laparoscopy procedure especially for abdominal disorders. The Gynaecologist in India can opt for surgery as preventive measure in few cases.

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