Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women if the relatively less aggressive skin cancer is excluded from counting. Breast cancer accounts for about 32 percent of all cancer diagnosed in women.

Breast cancer is very uncommon in male. In families carrying the breast cancer associated genes, male members may be affected disproportionately compared to the general population. In the general population female to male breast cancer may occur at a rate of 1 to 100 (1:100 for male: female).

If there are changes in how the nipple or breast feels, possibly a thickening or lump in or around the breast or underarm area, such a change can be a symptom of breast cancer. So can tenderness in the nipple.

Though not all the breast symptoms turns out to be breast cancer but skin changes of the nipples is one of the late manifestation of cancer. At any age, the appearance of any breast symptom should be taken seriously by both the patient and the doctor meanwhile there may be possibility of breast cancer in any breast symptom.

Furthermore, breast cancer orgasms that spreads beyond original organ through blood surface, and this causes symptoms that depends on the location of the organ. These common organs include the brain, liver, lung bone etc though the symptoms on these organs may occur as a rusult of illnesses or disease.

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