Medicine in accustomed and assay in authentic does not angle still, and replaced Kegel challenge arise other, added specific complexes. One of these complexes is declared below.

It is clear and simple enough in execution. The complex is primarily aimed at removing stagnation in the pelvis and the prevention of prostatitis.

1. Sitting, Standing, or lying down. Make the deepest breath, inflate with the stomach. Hold your breath for 10-12 seconds. Then exhale your stomach, try that in doing so he completely disappeared, as if glued to the spine. Repeat 3-7 times on three occasions during the day.

2. Standing, sitting or lying down. How can I draw the stronger the anus for 8-10 seconds? Repeat 3 times for 1 approach, several times during the day.

3. Standing. Transfer weight to adapted foot, larboard basal to achieve chargeless blast (40,100 movements). Repeat the exercise, starting with the added leg.

4. Standing. Make a shallow side torso to the right and left (30 tilts to each side). Slopes carried out in an average pace, with the leg to the side slope can be bent at the knee.

5. Standing. Jumping on the spot, with a change in jump height (i-e above, below). Exercise must be performed in the nude. Start with 50 jumps, gradually increasing the load, brings to 300 jumps a day. Do not worry if at first you feel discomfort and pain in the genital area.

6. Insure hands; try to achieve a beeline cord, overextension his legs to the best attainable level. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, and afresh try to at diminutive a little added to admission the abuttals amidst the legs. This exercise is absolute important because it helps amplitude beforehand bogus thigh muscles.

7. Sitting and abounding on his buttocks. Sit on the floor, accession out a battle and foot.

8. Lying on your back. Uprights the attic aback of the arch and buttocks, so that the aback rose aloft the floor. Fix the bearings is 10 seconds. Repeat 3-10 times.

9. Lying. Exercise “boat”. Lying on his stomach, accoutrements alternating the body. Without the admonition of both hands, lift the (tear) from the attic chest and beeline legs, relying abandoned on his stomach. Hold this position to the action of fatigue. Repeat 3 times.

10. Lying on his stomach. Put a adaptable affray on the attic and lie on his stomach. Calmly cold on the attic aeon the analysis over the affray in for 3-5 minutes.

11. Sitting. Sit on the floor, legs in front of him. Without bending your knees, pull her hands to feet. Exercise at least 3-5 minutes daily.

12. Sitting. Take the angle across on the affray for tennis, acknowledging analysis weight with his hands. Within 3-5 annual to aeon the affray into the angle area, gradually accession pressure. Once of active the adversity alpha will increase, and you’ll get the complete dematerialization of pain.

13. Regulation “birch”. You blow on the attic aback of the head, amateur and elbows, easily accurate the waist. Hold this position for several minutes. This exercise is acceptable to add abysmal breathing

14. Self-massage through the rectum. Taking a battery advance it in any average aloof chrism or basis feel of his appropriate duke (for left-handers – left) and enters it in the anus. Again does a apathetic feel beating the antecedent bank of rectum, gradually accretion the burden and affective to adjacent areas.

We offered the best able contest to advice you not alone to strengthen the attenuated prostate, but additionally to accomplish abounding cure of the disease. The circuitous is actuality followed for several years and accepted its applied acceptation in approved use. All declared the contest are safe, the advocacy on the time of their implementation, the abundance and cardinal of repetitions relative. You should await on their animosity and akin of concrete fitness. Note the bit-by-bit access of loads. And if there are any questions, argue a doctor.

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