A very contagious virus known as the Human Papillomavirus, more conveniently known as HPV, is the cause of warts in the body. These warts appear on the face, neck, inside the mouth, knuckles, hands, foot soles and the genital areas.

There are a lot of kinds of HPV and a lot of kinds of warts as well. The different types – common or seed , foot or plantar, flat, fillform and genital. These are generally benign and none cancerous but warts in certain areas can lead to cancer. Genital ones are the most severe kinds and need immediate medical help.

Genital Warts are certainly one of the most contagious and commonly seen STDs out there right now. They are transmitted from a body to another through sex, vaginal, oral or anal. These genital warts like the other warts may be small and spread.

There might be just a few or numerous warts clustered in the genital locations. These warts are found around the anus, vagina and penis. They also appear inside the genitals. Both men and women are vulnerable to genital warts but it is more common among women. It has been noticed that genital warts can lead to cervix cancer in women.

These warts are flesh colored or gray and are usually flat. These warts may itch a lot and when rubbed against, they may pain. The situation of these kind of warts is extremely inconvenient and produces a lot of disturbance to the people. Following the formation of these warts, both men and women may notice more discharge also.

Genital warts need fast medical attention due to the fact that they’re very contagious and risky also. Sometimes when the warts appear inside the vagina hole or on the tip of the penis or the anus, the warts may start bleeding because of the pressure given.

This bleeding may not stop easily. There are treatment methods accessible for genital warts but these are just temporary. Once the virus is contracted, it remains inside the body and warts may re-occur. It is very important to act responsible and prevent oneself from such infections. Safe sex must always be practiced. Here are some treatments:

O Cryotherapy: Here, the doctor freezes the genital ones making use of liquid nitrogen. Within a couple of days the warts will slowly fall of.

O Electrodessication: This is the treatment where these are removed using electric current. The warts are typically cut off from the genital areas.

O Laser treatment: Here, laser is used to destroy them. The process could be painful and therefore a small amount of local anesthesia is used.

O There are medications effective in the case of genital warts. Some topical medicines include podophyllum resin, podofilox, trichloroacetic acid, 5-fluorouracil and imiquimod.

O We also have injection of immunomodular agents into the body to boost the immune system.

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