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Transform your shower into a spa « this omazing life

Today’s post is from guest blogger Ali Schultz of Boulder, Colorado.  Ali’s site Love Life Artwork is a colorful array of radical creativity, brilliant paintings and collages, and general awesome-ness that I love to stalk through.  She shares with us here her tips to turn your shower into a spa – what better way to celebrate self-love than taking time to feel good?!

As Ali says on her site, “My wish is for you to live deeply from your creative center, to shine like the diamond that you are, and to be connected to the joy of being alive.”

Yup.  That’s why I love her, too.

enjoy! xo -elle

I’ve been lucky to have enjoyed some wonderful spa-spaces in my lifetime-to-date, including most wonderful 10,000 Waves Spa in Santa Fe. Every moment of spa-time feels so lush that I never want it to end and yet always end up anxious during the treatment knowing that it will end sooner than I want it to.  I am such a hedonist.

While I integrate radical self care into my daily existence, I’ve found myself craving a little vacation, something to help push the “re-set” button on tired routines and the worn terrain and dulled vibes of daily life. Knowing what I know about the flow of green energy I have at the moment, I might have to make it a staycation. The best part is: I live in Boulder.

I (heart) Boulder and all that is contained within its many miles surrounded by open space. Between the cafe culture, the fact that you can hike a different trail everyday, the endless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, drop in to some world-class yoga or climb some world-reknown routes as long as weather and time permit on any given day, why would I choose to travel anywhere else?

Back when I was looking for condos, I had a meet-cute with the one that would become mine. I fell instantly in white-hot-love with the bathroom of all places specific to the 600 square feet to choose from. It felt like a spa, and I knew that would be a good thing since I would be joining the ranks of the condo-poor and my spa experiences would be limited to monthly rolfing sessions with the occasional acupuncture appointment thrown in when more energetic clarity was called for.  No fun body scrubs and oily adventures there – except for those applied and administered by me, for me.

What I’ve experienced is that a few simple practices can bring the spa experience into the everyday. To turn your shower into a spa for your face, feet and luscious energy body, all you need are the acoutrements of spa scent, textures and soothers. These are my favorites as of late:

1. essential oils – lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, sweet birch, peppermint
2. coconut oil
3. sea salt
4. a pumice stone
5. a loofah-type scrubby, some shower mitts, or a great shower brush
6. Pangea’s Matcha Tea with Acai & Gogi Berry Face Mask

Once a week, I’ll use the Matcha Tea with Acai & Gogi Berry Face Mask. Sometimes I’ll schmear it on in the morning and go through an hour of yoga flow. Sometimes, I’ll paint it on in the evening after a full and intense day. I like to leave the muddy green concoction on for a while, until I forget about it. And once it’s rinsed off – I feel like a luminous new woman with a fearless glowing face.

Daily, I like to do a pre-shower dry brushing to invigorate my skin and other proprioceptors dulled by too much head-focused, body-numbing glowing screen work before I hop into a steamy shower scented with some essential oils. Once drenched, I’ll pour some sea salt in my paws and rub that saline goodness along the spots that get a little rough – back of arms, feet, etc. – and then lather with my scrubby shower mitts (with the pangea shower gel flavor of the month). The pumice comes into play once after my feet have soaked in the hot watery-ness, and are soft and willing to shed some old layers.

Once out and dry, a light layer of coconut oil to feet, arms, body, face – really does a hot body good. If my feet are a little sore, I’ll put some peppermint oil on the bottom or along the heel. And for any red spots (or sunburn) I’ll dab the lavender oil.

I like to put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the shower when I’m done to clear the air with that stimulating scent. Sometimes I’ll use a lemongrass, lavender, jasmine or sweet birch – and I love how it makes the whole condo smell yummy.

Between the smelly-smells and the textures on the flesh, it doesn’t take much to turn the routine shower into an invigorating experience to rival the best spa in town.

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Soft fresh baked gourmet cookies

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One Dozen Checkered Tin


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You can choose between a standard assortment or a custom mix.


 A Standard Assortment has 2 Chocolate Chips, 2 Chocolate Chocolate Chips, 2 Oatmeal Raisin, 2 Toffee, 2 Peanut Butter, 2 White Chip Macadamia Nut.


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New game plus 3d returns! a nintendo 3ds review (by drew robbins)

The Breakdown


3D – Sensationalist reporting is a bit of a fad now, and the 3DS hasn’t been exempt from the media scourge of reactionary logic.  I’ll admit that at this point in time, very few products exist outside of the built-in software that makes keeping the 3D slider turned up a realistic prospect.  As of now, most games merely pop a tiny bit off of the screen and give a nice touch of depth.  It would be easy to write off the feature all together based on this small sample size, but if one were to look back at the original DS launch then they’d see an incredibly similar scenario.  With the launch of the first dual-screened handheld, very few games made good use of the touch screen.  The best use of it was gimmick laden Feel the Magic, a fun game but it made the touch screen look like no more than a trivial addition to the interactive medium of video games.  Years later the very same system is filled with an expansive library of titles that could only have been done with the use of a stylus and a touch screen.

To sum up the feature so far:  it works, and at the very least, it is a neat tool that has plenty of promise.  Finding the sweet spot is a fairly easy procedure that can be accomplished in a handful of seconds, and once you reach that point the new level of depth gives a completely unique visual experience to anything I’ve played before.

Design – Holding a DS or even a DS Lite feels similar to holding a plastic child’s toy.  Now, in an age where just about everyone has a million sleek devices bearing a lowercase ‘I’ as a prefix, Nintendo has aimed to end this feeling with a more substantial piece of hardware.  I’m not exceptional with my device lingo, so allow me to just say that the device feels solid, well put-together.  As for the aesthetic nature of the 3DS, I get the same feeling I would when I look at an iPod Touch or an iPhone.  Every surface has that glossy feel and appearance that I would expect to see Steve Jobs holding up at his annual event of slightly upgrading old devices.

Pack-In Games – While Nintendo consoles almost universally launch bundled with at least one piece of exceptional software, their portables have been left out of that realm of pack-in delight in recent history.  The Gameboy Advance came with an empty cartridge slot, the Nintendo DS came with a demo for Metroid Prime Hunters (in other words, it might as well have been an empty cartridge slot), but the 3DS is a little different.  Though no physical games are gifted with a launch system, a bundle of free games are pre-built into every Nintendo 3DS.  Upon first turning on the handheld, a dashboard menu will appear with a plethora of options free for you to tackle:  Augmented Reality games, Faceraiders, and even an “RPG” featuring your custom-made Mii characters.

Star among these is Augmented Reality.  One of the first items found in the 3DS box is a tiny packet filled with six cards, the purpose of which is unclear at the time.  Each card displays a picture of an iconic piece of Nintendo past, including snapshots of the beloved Mario and even a few of the Pikmin just prattling about.  The key to getting a game started is a card showing a simple “?” box, which you slide in front of the 3DS cameras on a flat surface in order to begin the festivities.  The second you put it under the eyes of the camera, a tiny box with feet pops out of the card and begins to mosey about until it suddenly morphs your desktop into a variety of different landscapes and environments.  It sounds amazing because it is, even the most jaded gamer can find joy watching their environment they are so familiar with be transformed into an interactive game world.

The rest of the built-in features are much lesser in shock value, but still impressive nonetheless.  Faceraiders takes a picture of you, accurately identifies your age and gender, and then lets you shift your 3DS around in space as you shoot down flying versions of your head.  It’s like Sinnistar, but different in that it’s your face that now torments the world.  Unless you look like Sinnistar, in which case it is exactly the same.

Thumb Slider – The original DS got a lot of flak for not having an apt joystick solution, and the concurrent PSP release received its own share of flak for even having one at all.  D-Pads are great, but with the new direction gaming has taken there is little room for hardware without a more multi-directional control scheme:  the problem was how to do it without drifting off into the same awful territory that the PSP’s nub resides in.  Luckily Nintendo achieve this on the first try, creating a fully functioning joystick without the cumbersome tendency to cause your fingers to careen away from the control mechanism.  Who knew that fixing this age-old problem was as simple as a concave design?

Top Screen – I spent a lot of time perplexing over how much bigger the 3DS’s top screen is when compared to the bottom screen.  And then, I turned the system on and was taken aback.  It’s hard for me to spend much time talking about anything too much on the tech side of matters, so I’ll keep it short and sweet:  it’s wonderful.

The Losers

D-Pad – I’ve had a love hate relationship with the d-pad of the 3DS, but in the end negative emotion triumphed when my pad began to eek out an unpleasant noise every time I changed directions with it.  The only way to describe it is stiff, a very stubborn mechanism that it seems wants to punish you for using anything but the thumb slider.  If Nintendo is trying to phase out the d-pad, this is how they are going to go about doing it.  By making clacking noises until our ears bleed.

Touch Screen – A Kotaku writer put it best when he described the current world as one in which a touch screen should be completely functional with mere taps of the finger instead of the unnecessary device of a stylus.  You can use your finger, but the screen clearly isn’t designed for it and is much quicker to recognize the precise point of a pen.  Worst of all, the stylus is so jammed into the back of the device that removing it from its holster is its own adventure in frustration.

Face Recognition – It actually works pretty well, this is entirely meant as revenge for making me look like a fish.  Take that, Mii Channel.

Online, Again – Before I go off on the more-than typical rant about Nintendo’s incompetency with online functionality, let us first give them a round of applause for condensing the old Friend Code system into one, universal friend code that gives your friends access to you in each and every piece of software on the system.  Also, the ability to see that your friends are online and playing a certain game, what a concept!

No messaging though, it legitimately doesn’t get any more basic than that. I have shoes with instant messaging in them, would it really be that preposterous to be able to send a good friend a quick little note via the Nintendo WiFi connection?  The usual protection of children idea is outlandish; they aren’t going to go around scoping out stranger’s friends codes, so anyone and everyone they could message would be a friend with whom they mutually agreed to share codes.

Its 2011, Nintendo, you’ve had a whole generation of online failure with the Wii to put together a capable component that at least attempts to mimic an Xbox Live or PSN.  And yet, you are still barely inched past the days of modem cards in the Gamecube.

Launch Line-Up – This is by all accounts a minor complaint, because we all know that top-notch software will be here in a matter of time.  Decrying the launch line-up here is mostly just serving as a fair warning that if you chip in now, you had better become familiar with some of your old DS favorites while we wait out the dry spell so commonly associated with platform launches.

The Verdict

Wait, And Then Buy It – Yes, I’m aware that up to this point the review has painted a predominately positive picture of the 3DS as a piece of hardware.  This praise reflects the quality I found apparent within, however, there is no reason to rush out to stores now and buy one.  If you still are clinging to an old DS Lite or DSi, those should get you by until an actual must-have game hits the 3DS.  Unless you are a fighting game fan, in which case, Super Street Fighter IV 3D needs to be rocking your world.  Now!




Price lis



Persons        :   
Depending upon the Tub.

   Createch make, made of Brass, Jet dia.10 mm

  2 hp-3 Ph, Anco make or equivalent

   Near Tub within hand reach

   All plumbing in B class GI pipe with ISI mark

at extra cost

  1. Filtration
    plant inclusive of balancing tank, cartridge type filter
  2. Separate
    control for each jet.
  3. Submersible
    light 12 V/50 Watt copper shell, Brass flanges, silicon rubber parts, extruded
    Brass Glands,
    5 mm toughened glass.
  4. Aqua
    Air Duct:- Round ring with no. of Brass jets depending upon the size of
    the tub, separate compressor.
  5. On
    line heaters: capacity depending upon volume of water.

to be done by customer

tub/pool     : 
In civil construction or FRP tub.FRP tub is available at extra cost.


Main supply through 4 pole 2.5 sqmm armored copper cable up to control panel.
Separate Earthing


Water supply to the tub through 1″ B class GI pipe 
Drain line in 1″ GI pipe from tub to main drain
In case of filtration plant required, extra plumbing will be there.


of the tub of suitable design.


Jacuzzi system only with nozzles (jets) and pump of respective capacity

reqd. jets are 4 nos.
no of jets
6 jets
per jet

Jacuzzi system complete with nozzles (jets), pump, plumbing, starter &

required no.of jets are 4
no of jets
than 6 jets
per jet

Under water light of 12v/50 watt      
:    Rs.4500/- per light

Aqua air duct (minimum 80 jets)  
   Rs.300/- per jet

Filtration Plant (for two seated Jacuzzi) 

Somatic optics – men’s and women’s sunglasses and goggles.




Evans – Dark Purple Fade/ Grey

Powerfully sculpted in classy propionate, the Evans makes a bold statement. 6 base 100% UV protected polycarbonate lenses.

Purchase these Sunglasses

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Rental Fee
A years’ rental for any one pair of Somatic Sunglasses is $28.00. This fee also applies to the purchase price should you decide to keep your Somatic Sunglasses.

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Somatic Sunglasses are to be returned within one year of the rental date. The Sunglasses are to be returned clean and in good condition.

Frame: CP
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Rental Fee: $28.00
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Dirk Z.
Mannheim, Germany

Pregnancy Weight Lost!

Thx Soma-Slim! 6 months ago I was depressed and thought I
had no way to lose these extra pounds I gained while I was
pregnant with twins! My babies are now almost a year old,
(talk about a busy mom) and I have lost all the weight I
gained from my pregnancy! Thx again for such an amazing

Karrie H.
Fremont, Ca

Pregnancy Weight Lost!

Thanks Soma-Slim!

The Bahamas Weight Loss Challenge was just the thing we needed to get our bodies
moving again. The chance to win a well needed vacation? In the Bahamas?
For 2? My wife and I just bought 90 day supplyof Soma-Slim, and we are ready
to finally lose the weight we have picked up in the last couple of years.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of our progress in the meantime.

We’re ready to start 2005 off with the Breezes of the Bahamas blowing
through the window..It has always been our dream vacation.

John S. Williams
Detroit, MI

Skeptic Convinced

I was skeptical at first, but figured I’d give Soma-Slim a try.
If nothing else, I figured I’d have a chance to win a vacation
out of the deal, so what the heck? Much to my surprise,within the first week,
I felt more energetic, more alive
and most importantly I had lost 5 pesky pounds! I can get back into
my size 10 pants!..and elastic waist pants are a thing of the past!
Keep up the great work!

Monica G
Las Vegas,NV

Starting Fresh!

I’m not sure where to start. The last 5 years I have gained a lot
of fat. I guess I never really realized how much it actually was
until I had to start buying plus size clothing. I didn’t like the
way that I looked and felt, and I liked the plus size clothes even
less. I started the Soma-Slim Plan and I have already lost about
22 pounds. My life has already changed! I eat healthier, exercise
more and have a new boyfriend..(fiancee??)

Rebee Quinten
Boston, MA

Star Football Player Makes a Comeback!

My 20 year class reunion is just around the corner, and I want to
look my very best. I was talking with an old friend about this
and he told me about Soma-Slim and how he lost nearly 90
pounds! I was stunned. I never imagined he would EVER gain 90
extra pounds, he was a star football player and voted “Most Athletic”
at graduation. If he could lose it all, so could I! I just placed
my first order, and am looking forward to reporting the same type
of results..

Joshua J.
Kissimee, Florida

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